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Cozy Mark IV
Specifications / Performance

Cozy Mark IV Photo
Engine--- Lycoming O-360 180 hp.
Wing Span
28.1 ft
Wing area
88.3 ft2
Canard Span
12.6 ft
Canard Area
14.7 ft2
16.9 ft
7.9 ft
Cabin W/H
Max. front seat
400 lbs.
Empty wt.
1050 lbs.
Gross wt.
Take-off solo/gross
1200/1700 ft.
Climb solo/gross
2000/1200 fpm
Cruise 75% 8000 ft.
220 mph
Cruise 40% 12000 ft.
185 mph
Max. range 75%
1000 mi
Max. range 40%
1300 mi.
20,000+ ft.
1000/1300 ft.

The Cozy Design is an Aircraft Spruce Copyright
Aircraft Spruce purchased the Cozy designs (Cozy III and Cozy Mark IV) from Co-Z Development, and as of January 1, 2004 has the exclusive right to market these designs. These designs are protected with U.S. copyrights, and Aircraft Spruce has licensed no one else to copy all or any part of these designs to sell, loan, or give to others.

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