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Canard Aviation Inc.
Canard Aviation Inc. offers repair, construction and training services for composite aircraft. The company specializes in Rutan based pusher aircraft such as Cozy, Velocity, LongEz and Varieze. Having built a Cozy IV himself, President John Slade has learned a thing or two about composite construction. Using the corporation's Cozy to travel from client to client, John is now available to help other builders do anything from get started to get finished.

Canard Community Forum

Join the Canard Community Forum to chat with builders about your project, or your dreams of a project. There are sections assigned to discussion of each canard type, various engine types and specific chapter based questions.

Canard Builders Web Pages

Visit many the web sites of canard builder's and suppliers kindly hosted by Rick maddy. Here you can even build a web site about you're own project.

Canard Builders Support
If you are looking for information from the Pilot's point of view, David Orr tries to support all the canard builders out there, whether Cozy, E-Racer, Long EZ, Varieze, Defiant, Quickie, Dragonfly.  As part of that support he runs a club which was originally centered on the West Coast and he tries to track all the builders, no matter what they are building or how far along, for mutual support. New and would be builders of Cozy IV who come to Aircraft Spruce and don't know all of the active Canard clubs can contact David Orr to find the nearest building support, the nearest place to get a "Spirit Ride" in a similar plane and just about all around information that is current and interesting to builders and flyers.  David Orr, of Squadron III, can be reached at 949-939-1479(Cell) or  There is also a good snail mail newsletter for active builders by Central States Association - contact Terry Schubert

Authorized Suppliers

These are our only approved suppliers! Our approval means that we chose them based upon their reputation, and that they agreed to make parts (or supply materials) only to our specifications.

Unofficial Cozy Page
Marc Zeitlin, a Cozy builder of long standing, runs this web site on a voluntary basis. The mail list has over 400 members and generates dozens of messages on a dialy basis. Marc does not moderate or vet the mail list messages. As one builder put it, It's a great comfort to know that you can ask a complex question at 1 a.m. and have an answer from some guy in Australia before you wake up in the morning. Monitoring the mail list gives you the feeling you're part of the Cozy community. Archives of past discussions are a tremendous resource for new builders. Some builders have also provided search engines for the archives. Prospective Cozy builders are permitted to join the Cozy mail list.

Canard Aviator's Page

This page holds information for all canard builders. Many Cozy builders monitor both the Unofficial Cozy mail list and the canard builder's list.

Cozy Builder's Forum

Share ideas and experiences with other Cozy Builders in this open discussion forum

Cozy Builder Contacts

Hundreds of Cozy builders are accessible by email.


The Cozy Design is an Aircraft Spruce Copyright
Aircraft Spruce purchased the Cozy designs (Cozy III and Cozy Mark IV) from Co-Z Development, and as of January 1, 2004 has the exclusive right to market these designs. These designs are protected with U.S. copyrights, and Aircraft Spruce has licensed no one else to copy all or any part of these designs to sell, loan, or give to others.

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